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When the universe is on your side…


it really IS. ON. YOUR. SIDE.

A mere three months ago I made a decision to find back to who I have become some five years ago and live the life that made me drastically happy – to an extent that must have been nauseating for some people at some point.

Today, I feel just like I felt then. Dreamingly happy with everything that is, was, and will be. Living in the moment, but looking forward to what is coming and appreciating (yes, really) what has been.

In the past few weeks, the universe has pulled all its power together to let me see what has been conspiring for myself, my daughter, and everyone else who is connected with me – including the 800+ people I have on my facebook friends list (they really should find a better name…).

Everyday now, I see and actually feel how the pieces are put into place in the puzzle what is my life. It’s like your favorite vase breaking. At first, you mourn the loss. But then (if you’re like me anyway), you start seeing the beauty in the broken pieces, pick them up and put them away somewhere safe. After a while, you get to the project and put the broken pieces back together into a broken, but whole vase again.

And the beauty that lies in the broken pieces put together into one again is the beauty I see in my life right now. I am on a drastic high and do not even fear coming down from it because I know life does not plan for me to do so.

Namasté, my friends.


On personal life.


Last week, I had the biggest argument I’ve had in the past two years. One of the issues brought up by the other person was that I invade their personal life and that it is not something I should or was permitted to care or make my opinion known about. You have to know that I am rather closely related to the person saying this. As you can tell, I am rather occupied by the thought of this statement which is why I now will babble on about the definition and – more importantly – meaning of “personal life”.

So, here are the questions (I never just stick to one, do I?): What does personal life mean? Is there a definition that counts for everyone or should you be allowed to decide what it is? Is someone’s personal life always the same thing in regards to that person? Or can you change it around just so it fits your current situation?

When looking up “personal life” on Google (kids, this is not something you should do when home alone; have an adult with you at all times), the first page on the list was (what else…) Wikipedia. Here is what I found on their page on personal life:

“In modern times, many people have come to think of their personal lives as separate from their work.[11] Work and recreation are distinct; one is either on the job or not, and the transition is abrupt. Employees have certain hours they are bound to work, and work during recreational time is rare. This may be related to the continuing specialization of jobs and the demand for increased efficiency, both at work and at home. The common phrase “Work hard, play hard” illustrates this mindset. There is a growing trend, however, toward living more holistically and minimizing such rigid distinctions between work and play, in order to achieve an “appropriate” work–life balance.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_life#Sociology, 2/29/2012)

Now, that is pretty much what I understood of the term which leads me to think that I can’t be way off topic when talking to any random person about this. This, in turn, means that the person I had this argument with must be pretty much going off their own path with this one. This, I think, is not generally a problem, but if you live in close proximity and your relationship with said person is close in an emotional way as well, I do think that this inevitably leads to problems.

And that, it has. Definitely. Terribly. Horribly. In frank speech: big-ass problems. And meanwhile big asses are not a bad thing (more of the opposite, see Sir Mix-A-Lot), an argument like the one from the other week is. For me anyway. Not because it riles me up emotionally which it did for a week or so (that’s when I wrote that first paragraph), but because in cases like this I feel like I need to take action.

And the only effective action to deal with someone like this person and something like this situation is to cut ties and move on to a better life with more understanding people who are on the same page as I. Which I did. As sad as it is.

Where do we go from here?


Well, here I am again, sitting in front of a screen (tiny one today), tying to figure out what to do with this blog.

In November, I didn’t do much of anything that could and would have kept me sane: reading, writing, yoga, swimming. I could now give a number of excuses as to why I didn’t, but I won’t insult your mind like that today.

No, today will be a fresh start. It will be the day I will commit to finding myself again and finding out more about who I am. Actually, I will just make a commitment that, a year from now, I will be a happier, more fulfilled, smarter, richer version of who I am today.

And why wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t you? Go ahead, create a list of things you want to be a year from now and start the journey. I will and if you would like me to go a part of the way with you, I will. Just email me at freidenkerin@live.com if you would like to connect. 🙂

So, here’s what I’m gonna do with this blog: I’ll write. When and what I want, feel like, or think of in that very moment. I’ll give you an insight of what is going on.

Just like Voltaire said: “All styles of writing are good except the tiresome kind.”

What we need to change


On another note, I have had a very bright and wonderful, yet very short conversation with a Greek friend of mine today. We were talking about how Greece needs a radical change – just as the rest of the world. I think the age of the 21st century is doomed. The world needs to start of into a new venture, a new age of a new philosophy in living.

It is not something we cannot do. Humanity has done it before – multiple times. We (Europeans) have broken out of the Dark Ages to come into Renaissance and start something completely new. Asia is still reinventing itself as a continent of progress and spearheading in development of ever-new tools to make life easier.

So, as a species capable of totally revamping everything that comes our way (even DNA and atoms), we should be thinking about how we can make this life worth living for ourselves. Selfish, you say? I say not.

Or do you feel happy and accomplished when you know that this second thousands of people may be dying because of hunger, preventable illnesses, and other things that make life miserable for another human being? I don’t.

Well, one interesting bit of the conversation my Greek friend (doesn’t this sound so cool?!) and I had was that he was talking about new leaders cheering us on. I immediately said that I think the age of leaders is over. I called the term leader to be “90s Harvard business school” like. He laughed at this and said that he meant they should be leaders to cheer us on to change things, the way we live, fate, or whatever you think needs changing. But I still believe that the idea of a leader showing the way is a wrong concept in this context.

In this time and age (sounds boring, I know), we are used to a decentralized life. We watch TV in our kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, sometimes even the living room. We tweet while we’re surrounded by people in the subway to tell the friends we have all over the world that the Starbucks guy messed up our latte this morning. We blog for people we don’t know hoping to have one or two readers who agree with the nonsense that goes on in our heads. We buy stuff online and offline, we need a phone to be happy (yes, I am getting a new one soon!), we read books on a machine that looks like a book instead of going to the library or a book club.

All these things aren’t bad or good. They just are the way things are. But we do have to be aware of how things are to be successful in changing them to a new (maybe even better) way of being. Now the question is, how do you go about changing things in a decentralized world? Well, in history it has proven to be clever to use existing infrastructure to bring down a system. Which means the best way to change the existing system is to work change through it – decentralized.

This means using social media, protests such as the once for “Occupy [insert city here]”, word of mouth, totally chaotic, random, insane actions to bring about the change humanity needs. This also calls for a non-utilization of leaders. Because leaders mean order – the order of leader and following, the one and the crowd – and in this case we need chaos much more than anything. Chaos brings about beauty. It makes us think outside the box and reorganize everything we once knew.

We don’t need leaders, we need chaos.

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