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Leadership and Ethics


Yesterday, I heard an interesting and moving lecture about the effects that a moment of only a couple of minutes can have on your understanding of life.

Asra Nomani, who wrote the book “Standing Alone in Mecca: An American Woman’s Struggle for the Soul of Islam” came to Mansfield University yesterday from Morgantown, WV to talk about leadership and ethical challenges the 21st century has brought to us.

She did so by telling her story and the personal decisions she had to make. Some have been small, others have had a greater impact in her and other people’s lives. But everyone of them made her understand and feel what her identity in this modern world is.

Being an international student who comes from a different cultural background, I become aware of how I am different from natives every day – through language, habits, customs, food, etc. It has been helping me to find out who I am. I adapted to a new environment and took some culturally defined traits over and rejected to adopt others. I kept some definitions I had and revised others. I have been redesigning mySelf.

Finding your own identity is really important in the world you and I live in. It is a globalized world that makes it easier for people to try to convince you of how you should think, feel and act. This can have negative and positive impacts on you and, indirectly, on your friends, family and all other people you interact with.

To have an understanding of who you are will give you the ability to know what you want in life and why you do want and/or need it. It can help you to be clear in your mind and develop strength.

I have been talking to a fellow student and he said he wasn’t drawn into her speech enough. He thought it was to plain. I was fully indulged in every word she said.

You have to be open to be changed in order to be able to change this world.