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Where do we go from here?


Well, here I am again, sitting in front of a screen (tiny one today), tying to figure out what to do with this blog.

In November, I didn’t do much of anything that could and would have kept me sane: reading, writing, yoga, swimming. I could now give a number of excuses as to why I didn’t, but I won’t insult your mind like that today.

No, today will be a fresh start. It will be the day I will commit to finding myself again and finding out more about who I am. Actually, I will just make a commitment that, a year from now, I will be a happier, more fulfilled, smarter, richer version of who I am today.

And why wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t you? Go ahead, create a list of things you want to be a year from now and start the journey. I will and if you would like me to go a part of the way with you, I will. Just email me at freidenkerin@live.com if you would like to connect. 🙂

So, here’s what I’m gonna do with this blog: I’ll write. When and what I want, feel like, or think of in that very moment. I’ll give you an insight of what is going on.

Just like Voltaire said: “All styles of writing are good except the tiresome kind.”