Eliminating So


For a while now, I have recognized that I start every second sentence or so with “so”. Rather ridiculous to think I am a fairly good writer when I cannot even start my sentences with a more meaningful word than “so”, no?!

Well (that’s not so!), I think it is because I do not think I have very much to say. And in fact, I do not have very much to say. Between motherhood, self-employment, life-building, and crafting, my mind goes to wander off into its own world and when I get to sit down to write about the (more or less) crazy thoughts, they’re usually gone.

In an attempt to write more elaborately about the thoughts I have on a daily basis, I will have to create a writing space. Not a physical space, I have that now that I bought an 18€ desk at Ikea a few weeks back. But a space in my mind and schedule that will allow me to write without starting my sentences with “so”.


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  1. loading one’s brain with many thoughts can come crashing when we finally sit to write. however, i know myself, i have written my life story in a book, actually three books and i never missed a beat. the thing to remember about writing, is to find that space of your own, just sit there on the laptop,/ keyboard and think and write whatever you feel. the rest should come naturally

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