Who do you think I am?


A big part of my life these days is characterized by the pursuit of a balance between my German and American self. Recently, I have found that much of what Germany means to me, I detest. I also realized that many people who have not lived here all their life and then went abroad, only see good things here.

So I started wondering what others see in this place that my filters block out, what they see that is beauty that I cannot see anymore. To hopefully be reminded of some of the wonderful things this country and its people can be, I am therefore asking you to send me a list or story or poem or picture or whatever you feel shows your feelings towards Germany, your perception of what Germany and who the German people are. I will be glad to receive your “images” via email at freidenkerin@live.com or on facebook, twitter, etc.

Please do pass this on to those you think have something to say about it!! Thank you!


Oh, I forgot to give you an incentive, right?! Well, here it goes: A velvet coffee mug by Kahla Porcelain, a porcelain manufacture just around the corner from my hometown will go to a randomly chosen winner. Entries must be received by February 14, 2012, 11.59 PM GMT+1.


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