Dear Universe… love, me.


Yoga, yoga, yoga. I need to do my yoga. Instead, I write.

Sensefree messages to strangers I will never meet, senseful, excited messages to one I do hope to meet soon.

I actually am getting a bit nervous and excited. Could it be that this man is my male counterpart?

Here are two letters to the universe – one if he is, one if he’s not.

Dear Universe,

Thank you for granting my Christmas wish. Thank you for starting this year off with some love that I have needed so much. Thank you for making me believe again and helping find that spirit I lost you know when.

He is truly amazing. Not in a sense that I would put him on a pedestal and worship him, but in the sense that I did not think or believe or even dare to wish that there was another person like me, even more nearby me!

You actually messed up my theory on life a bit because you have just proven that (part of) my justification of traveling and living abroad is untrue. No, I am not in the least mad at you for that. Thank you for pointing out my mistake though.

Love and light,


Dear Universe,

You fooled me. You truly did. Was that some kind of early April fool’s prank?

I mean, you made this man sound so very fantastic. You did, don’t you dare putting that on him. He can’t help but live what you decided to be his purpose.

But, also thank you. Thank you for letting me know that my life theories are as true as I will ever be able to prove. Thank you for reminding me that I am a kick-ass woman who still is willing to hope for AND able to love.

Also, please do realize that my engagement in this search for truth and all that will intensify now that you pulled this one. That is probably just what you were hoping to achieve, so I give in and do what I should.

Love and light (even though I am kind of mad),

I am not sure whether I will update which letter I will send in the end, but they both seem pretty positive to me, so I think it doesn’t really matter.

Resolution 1 for 2012:

Be the positive self you know you can be. (Check.)


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