Fashion and Me


Well, after a half-successful, half-tormenting shopping trip today, I have been a little ambivalent on the fashion trends this season. Fittingly, I then see this totally over-the-edge Burberry commercial on Hulu and I have an epiphany: The only sense in fashion you can see is the sense that you give it. Just like with life.

Let me explain this: If I meet people like few of my friends or relatives who are seriously interested in what women’s magazines portray as the latest trends in fashion, I often either get stuck on the prices of the designer fashion often featured in those magazines or I wonder who ever would think that they’re pretty. After a few years chasing after those trends, but never really matching any of the pictures in the magazines I used to read, I decided that it has to be enough and started wearing what made me feel good and comfortable.

Today, when I saw a completely over-sophisticated Burberry Commercial on Hulu, I had a thought though: maybe fashion can only mean what we let it. To me, fashion is a representation of my self (and myself), it should match the personality my filters let me think I have. It should not, however, represent what some hot-shot designer thinks looks good on women.

Surprisingly, this sense of fashion always was deep within me which caused me to admire the dress (and personalities) of women and men who actually used fashion in a sense that agreed with my (inner) understanding of fashion. Today, I still love when people make of fashion who they are: People who wear what is considered hideous with confidence and thus make it look good just as much as those who make every new fashion trend look good on their bodies.

What I cannot stand until this day though is a miserable application of fashion magazine photos. So, ladies AND gentlemen, please do think about whether that skirt, those shorts, or that whole ensemble you’re wearing in the fitting room or in front of your bedroom mirror is you or just a cheap copy of what Vogue shows you should be wearing.


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