Why sheep are sheep and we are not.


Sooo, after I got a little bit of swimming in today, now I can go on to blog about the wonderful ideas I get in my car.

You heard right, in my car. I don’t know what it is about me and situations in which I have no access to pen and paper, but the best ideas in life that I get are in my bed (preferable just a second or two before I fall asleep) and in my car – while driving. I guess because driving is an automated behavior at this point, my mind has time to wander off and do back flips.

Today, I was listening to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” and asked myself what this song really says. The song talks about how Mr. Sinatra has always stayed true to his way of doing things, no matter the consequences. Good or bad, he stood up for himself. And he doesn’t regret it. He did what he thought was right (or not) and did it.

Now, the question immediately coming up in my head was: “Why is that so damn special? Why is there need for someone making a song about how they did what they did despite what they’re ought to do?” And yes, my mind forms sentences like these all the time.

Now here we get to the question of sheep: To understand why my mind made that connection you have to know that the German equivalent of gregarious animal is something like “herd animal“. Because sheep are a rather sheepish little species (although awfully cute), they tend to do things as a group or herd. And we have a saying here that humans are gregarious (or herd) animals which connects sheep with humans in my head.

It takes only a few seconds to take the next step and ask why we think that nature (or god or who- or whatever you think is key here) made humans so special and individual and yet we’re trying to all be like each other. I have posted about this before on here. I find it fascinating how so many people just want to be like so many others. Can we not acknowledge that we will still understand each other despite our differences? That it doesn’t matter whether the whole world wears mustard colors this Fall or if everyone chooses to wear the colors they like most or that look best on them? I mean sure, being similar makes it easier to relate, but is your mind really that lazy that you cannot sympathize with someone who is not like you?

I think that all the trying to fit in, to be like someone else, to be similar is – just like for sheep – an action out of fear. A fear of “Standing Alone in Mekka“, in the desert, in the rain, in life. Yet, we all live together and no matter how far you go emotionally, it is almost sure that someone will come around eventually. At the danger of yet again sounding like a crazy prophet: If we just overcome the fear, we will see that it was unnecessary to begin with. Let us see the light and embrace it.


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