Back In The Blogging Business


Well, here I am again, turning back to blogging because my mind has too much stuff going on for me to be able to stop and put it all aside.

As usual, something triggered my return to the “Add New Post” page: reading. This time, I finally started reading the May(!!) issue of the German magazine Happinezpassion flower last night. And, wouldn’t you know, there was an article that talked about what is very important to me: finding happiness in life by doing you what you really ought to do.

The article mentioned was part interview with George Kinder, a financial analyst gone hippie, one could say. Kinder has developed a holistic approach to financial planning which turned him into a sort of guru for people who want to make their life dreams come true. The article included a short – ummm – examination of what one really wants to achieve in life. Kinder uses this test to find out what he really needs his clients to help with – as it turns out, it more than often is not to make a load of money.

Here are the three questions Kinder asks his clients to answer:

  1. What would I do differently if money wasn’t important? What is my heart’s desire?
  2. What if I knew that I had only ten years of perfect health left; would I change anything in my life? Which heartfelt wishes would I grant myself?
  3. If I had only 24 hours to live: Which dreams have been unfulfilled all my life? What do I regret? Who would I have liked to be, but never could?

I tried to answer these questions and it soon came to me that right now, at this time in my life, I don’t really know what my heart feels and desires. I have very much fallen back into my cultural upbringing and analyze, reason, and think instead of listening to my heart which has led me to completely lose touch with who I am, I feel. If I look at it objectively (ha! again!), I know that that is not true. But I started listening last night while writing down my heartfelt wishes and I felt that there was a lot my heart had to say that I refused to listen to in the past. The following is a list of things I have realized during my short soul search yesterday:

  • Really, my past experiences have been all I wanted to have in life. I am contend with them and if I had to die tomorrow, there wouldn’t be a thing I instantly knew I would have to do before.
  • After thinking for quite a time, I did realize that the only thing I really, really wanna do is to stop worrying and feeling guilty about money. I wanna make a fortune to give away.
  • Another thing is that life is enjoyable for me when I can help other people in small and big ways.
  • Working a full-time job is not gonna cut it for me.
  • I feel that I will be able to do what I want in the future. Sweet thought.

There are many more thoughts still in my head and there are new ones coming up here and there, but I will keep the list as it is for now. The main thing that I realized is that I will not be able to live life in a healthy way if I go back to doing some job full-time plucking away to make someone else rich even if I do change a life here and there on the way.

I want to know that all I do is for the good I believe in. I don’t want to compromise my standards anymore because I worry about something as silly as money in my pocket. Instead, from now on, I will reaffirm that abundance comes to those who do not seek it – just like love. Trying to get rich will not make me rich, but doing the thing that fills my heart with love and joy will let me forget about wanting to be rich in money and instead will make me rich in good days.

I will jump into being a business owner with little knowledge of what I need to do. I will figure it out on the way. Because I love what I do, I will be successful. I will not work more than necessary and I will not work more than 25 hours a week. (Pretty bold considering I haven’t even started yet, huh?!)

In any case, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll be rich in a name. 🙂


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