What was I going to do?


Well, I think it is time for a new post today. As I am amazed by what happens in my head, I will today write about maternal amnesia.

Here is what happens: It happens multiple times a day. I lay down to nurse Lily and as soon as she is drinking like she won’t get anymore until next week, my mind starts to wander. I think about a million things I want and have to do, most of which I would love to just get done – yesterday. So, one thought leads to another and by the time Lily is falling asleep because her belly is full and round like a disco-ball, I have a list of about 15 to 20 items in my head, anxious to jot them down. By the time I unwrap myself of Lily and sheets although, I have forgotten everything. Well, if I am lucky, I remember one or two items of my list. But everything else, gone. Just gone. And it won’t come back until I lay down again.

What is up with that? Maternal amnesia? Well, more like total black out caused by movement. Does my mind work better horizontally these days? I recall from my pre-pregnancy life that my mind often would go wandering for a few minutes after I lay down to sleep. But then, I could make myself remember the next morning by suggesting to remember them at certain moments of my morning routine, e.g. when I put tooth paste on my tooth brush. Works splendidly if you ever REALLY have to remember something. But even this little trick doesn’t work with everything now.

The whole problem with this is that I have a hard enough time to step away from my beautiful baby girl to do something other than play with her and cannot spend most of the time I do just watch her from afar wondering what I was planning on doing when I left her side. All my other mental functions still are top-notch as you can tell by the three-line sentence I just popped out. Not even one comma (can that be right?). English disease for ya.

Anywho, what was I saying? There it is again! I also felt like I should mention today that I have still to figure out how to dress. I am currently debating whether to go to Erfurt next week for some shopping or if I should just wait and see if there is some kind of light turning on above my head, solving all my dress problems. There was another thing I wanted to mention, but that is gone with the wind of maternal amnesia.


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