Raising a daughter


So, the last few days I have been thinking about how to raise Lily. It’s not an easy question to answer for me because I do not believe in raising her by setting rules she has to follow. Much rather, I would like to her to develop her own views on life and deduce the guide lines she will live by from them. This is where my problem lies: how to teach an infant or toddler to think critically?

Seems like that is not possible. I mean, it’s hard enough to teach American college students how to critically think, why would my (probably terribly smart but infant) daughter figure it out? Well, yesterday a though popped into my head that may be the solution to me trying to wrap my head around this: what if a child would be raised by compassionate guidance rather than strict rules?

I know this sounds rather non-conformist and anti-authoritarian, but why not try? The thought for sure cannot be new, nannies exist for way too long that none of them wouldn’t at some point have said, “Okay, do it your own way, I don’t care.” So I am going on a new quest of trying to find out how to raise my daughter without turning her into a robotic self-destroying individual like parents all over the world try in an effort to create, independent, efficient citizens. Sounds a little bit like Brave New World to me.


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