Try again?


Here is yet another attempt at writing a blog. How is it that a not-so-busy life always turns into chaos the moment you decide to commit to something that needs attention on a daily basis?

Lily June, one week old

Lily June, one week old

 Well, this time I tricked fate and decided to take on a daily committment when life was already crazy. On March 10, I became a momma. This is her! Lily June, wonderful child. VERY good sleeper on most days. 🙂

However, Lily is not the daily committment I am talking about, she just is the reason for my life being good crazy. The daily committment is actually a multitude of committments because I can’t do anything half-a**.

I decided on doing the following:

For the month of April, do yoga at least once a day. I am aware that finding an hour and a half in the schedule of a new mum and her newborn isn’t easy, so I allow myself to count yoga even if it is just ten minutes Mula Bandha while nursing.

For every day from now on, I will write (at least) 750 words a day on If I miss a day here, it is not that big of a deal as long as I did some writing which is guaranteed through the many friends and new acquaintances with whom I am in contact via email and such.

And last but not least, I committed to posting about my yoga practice on on a daily basis.

These are three major committments and for the past four days, I have done pretty well. I already learned a few things about myself, e.g. that I can write majorly fast if I am very happy or very angry. The words just flow out of me. I also learned that I REALLY enjoy writing. I almost like it more than talking to people. Weird? Well, it is who I am. And that is all I can be.


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