Wondering what is going on…


So, I have a feeling my roommate is not talking to me. It’s only a feeling because we don’t actually really see each other. I work full days and she has other stuff going, I have other stuff going, she has classes, etc., etc.

Problem is, we have mutual friends, each one of us has friends that the other one does not want to be friends with, we have friends that don’t even know our respective roommate. Anyway, I am not feeling good about this and am getting angry because she won’t talk to me about what upsets her or what-not. But I shouldn’t be because I don’t ask either.

It all comes down to the fact that people create their own difficulties. Most people my age would call it drama. But that is an insufficient description. Drama implies that someone else creates the difficulties. However, we all create our own. I am aware of that. And the fact that I create my own. Which is fine. Human beings make decisions and have to live with the consequences.


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