Protecting myself


How far do we have to go to keep ourselves happy and alive?

I gave up on my best friend today. I told him I would not want him in my life until he figures his out. It breaks my heart and makes me hurt more than all but two things I have gone through in my life. But I need to protect myself.

What does it mean to protect oneself?

Making the decision was an easy one, although I am far away from realizing the consequences of it. I do not want to realize them. I just want to be sure I do everything I can to protect my happiness and sanity. And that is what I have done today.

There are and have been people in this world who have given up everything they are or were to protect the same. They did so by giving up what they are on the outside or in materialistic ways. They decided to keep their spiritual being. This is what I believe to be what it means to be.

Our soul, spiritual being, the intangible self is what we need to protect in order to keep happiness. Even if it means to forsake life. I would give up everything I have ever had and will ever have to keep myself.

Unfortunately, not everyone in this world thinks this way. If we all did, we would not be where we are. There would not be 3-year-olds starving in Sierra Leone, we wouldn’t have to fight those who believe that taking others’ lives is an answer to their problems, and rich people all over the world would give up their wealth to help those who will never get a chance at it.

I will trade all that who I am to the first person to make it possible for me to go to Pakistan in March. Because I will never be able to give up who I can be.


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