Sooo, here’s an update on my life. After my enlightenment that 2010 will be THE YEAR for me and the decision to go to Pakistan to volunteer in the second half of this year, I am now starting to realize the plan.

The first step is to make it official with GRACE Pakistan, a grassroots community development non-profit organization based in Islamabad with their program office in Skardu. This will include a letter from me requesting to volunteer. And hopefully a letter from them granting the request.

Step two is to start fund raising. I will have to raise about $5,000 to cover flight, insurance, visa costs, and a small emergency fund. Once I’m in Pakistan, I will live with a host family which will help keep costs down.

Step three I will have to start while working on step two – getting a visa. As far as my research goes, I found out that I will have to be granted permission by the Pakistani government to be able to get a visa for more than three months. This can take up to three months, so I should be getting to that soon.

The last step will be to get all my stuff in Mansfield cleaned up – that means getting rid of what I do not need anymore and either storing or shipping all the things that mean so much to me. As I am emotionally attached to most of the clothes, “trinkets”, and even furniture this will probably be the hardest, but also most exciting part. It will symbolically be the end of my time in Mansfield (for now?!) and set the starting point of a new beginning.

After all that is done, I will go to Germany to see my family before I leave for the Himalayas and then to Skardu I go. Once there, I will be working with children in the GRACE Public School in Skardu and hopefully also at the new Children’s Center in Islamabad. The plan for now is for me to teach which might not work out, but I am sure they can find something for me to do. Non-profit work is like admissions – never-ending. And that is the best part!

To the right, you can find a link to PayPal where you can donate to my cause. If you would like to contribute, please feel free to give whatever you can afford. Remember, it is for the past, present, and future. It will benefit you as well as every other human being by spreading love and help across the globe. Thank you.


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