What a wonderful world.


This weekend has been one of the best weekends ever. Although I have not done any yoga since Friday.

I have a family here. And of course there are things that are not easy. Just like in any other family. Fucked up or not, I don’t care. What does fucked up mean anyway? That would be something worth discussing on the porch at 3 am.

It’s not what was discussed though. In the end, the topic on the porch last night was what my “god” or “higher being” is. And what tolerance is. And how the two relate to each other.

The most important thing I discovered last night is that people confuse tolerance with aceeptance. I can tolerate the fact that I (or humanity) will never be able to get in contact with what that three-letter word above means to me. But I will still keep trying. And that is what tolerance is. Acknowledging what is the case and not giving up.

Most people think of tolerating as accepting. It’s not the same though. Acceptance is a scapegoat for laziness. I know that humanity is not in a place to discover ultimate or objective truth. I don’t think we will ever be. But I am still going to try.

Ultimate or objective truth is what the three-letter word means to me. But it is more than that. Humanity and its environment are incapable in grasping this. Which is why any denotation of what it really is is insufficient. Ever.

However, this should not be devastating. Because the (human) concept of tolerance gives us a chance to strive for being what we cannot grasp or describe.  In my lifetime and a million lifetimes after me we will not be able to. But we can try.



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