All Shook up?!


It seems there has been a significance of shaking in my life lately. Not just that people very dear and close to me have tremors and shake frequently, I have been experiencing trembling and shaking myself in the past days.

On top of it all, the Daily Insight I receive from was titled all shook up today. This is very astonishing as I have had very bad leg shakes during and after yoga practice yesterday. Whether it came from the dense living situation I am in at the moment, the problems within the group of people I am close to, or plainly overworking of my muscles, it did wake me up a little and let me realize that there is perfection in the imperfection of life.

What I mean by that is that even though the trembling is unpleasant and makes my walk look funny, I felt that it meant something that was worth much more than the inconvenience of not having control over my muscles.

And I know that with time, the reasons for the shaking will go away, in my legs, in my heart and my soul.


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