How about it?


How about it? Laying in the grass, watching clouds go by. Sleeping to the sounds of summer. Holding downward-facing dog for five minutes and being in sync with me.

Summer is coming soon and it might mean an ending to the love affair I have been having with the town I love so much. Not because of the great architecture we have here – there is almost none of that kind. But because of the people I love, the things I’ve learned – and because of it. I don’t know what the it is. But clearly it is there. Something that makes it easy to open my heart chakra, holding fish pose in yoga class at 6.15 am and thinking that this is the happoest I have ever been.

Even when yoga seems “too easy” and the enlightenment effect it usually has vanishes, I still can feel it. Now, many people would say it must be God or whatever they call it – especially in this country. But I don’t think that’s what it is. “It” is something that I cannot grasp, much less try to describe with words.

Words are an interesting thing to. How do we feel that we are able to find truth with a number of arbitrarily created combinations of letters? It just doesn’t seem natural to me? I wonder if there is a language that would make me feel more connected to what “it” is.

And then there is music. Even more arbitrary and even more important. The Corrs sing “Even if the sun came tumbling down, you’re like the ground I walk on.” Apart from the fact that this line is probably talking to “someone” opposed to “it”, I think there is a much deeper meaning. Not just in this particular song, but in music, words, life.

And that is what “it” is. For me. Here. Now.


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